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With little more than a fuzzed out bass turned way up, a tall guy sitting behind an old Vistalite drum kit, and a tiny yet towering female vocal, Boom Said Thunder took stage for the first time at P.A.’s Lounge in Somerville, MA on a soggy February night in 2012. Bombastic rock followed.

Over time, the general makeup of the self-proclaimed minimalist fuzz rockers hasn’t changed all that much. Abby dyed her hair blonde, black, violet, then blue-ish black. Will grew his locks long then short then long again. John's beard is the same as it ever was. And the songs they write continue to reflect the welding of their three distinct personalities. They just live in Brooklyn now.


“When the diminutive Bickel belts out her lyrics, she is taller than Kevin Garnett in heels, towering over her band’s powder-keg attack.” — Michael Marotta, Vanyaland

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